Jun 13, 2013

New UV Water System Installed at WMAC

We can all breathe easier at the White Mountain Aquatic Center now that we have installed a new UV (ultraviolet) Water Filtration System.
This system exposes the pool water to ultraviolet light which disinfects the water and eliminates chlorine-resistant microorganisms but does not affect the alkalinity, color, or pH of the water being disinfected. Chlorine reacts with the products brought in to the pool by swimmers. Although these levels are reduced by showering and using the bathroom prior to entering the pool, they are not completely eliminated. This chlorine reaction produces unhealthy and smelly gases that we detect in so many pools. The UV light not only disinfects the water, but it also removes chloramines thus improving the air quality in the building, making for a cleaner, more pleasant, and healthier environment for swimmers, coaches, families, and spectators. Plus, we are lowering our carbon and water footprint on our planet to boot! It is this kind of attention to detail and concern for our swimmers that the White Mountain Aquatic Center hopes will help move us toward building a modern, multiple-use community aquatic center in the not too distant future. Thanks goes out to Mike Monfet and the crew at Atlantic Pool & Spa for ordering and installing our new UV water filtration system.