Jun 12, 2017

Water Safety Course

Bartlett Students Become 'Immersed' in their learning! 4th Graders from Josiah Bartlett Elementary School participated in the 1st Annual Water Safety Class held at the White Mountain Aquatic Center last Monday, June 12. By class end, students were truly dripping with knowledge! In addition to basic water safety and rescue techniques, the kids learned about proper boat handling, how to use a variety of flotation devices, and what appropriate apparel would be for lakes and rivers. Also popular was learning how to react and improvise in the event of a canoe or kayak capsizing and the best ways to prevent that from happening in the first place. Super instructors Dick and Eileen Lennon, Steve Vosburgh, Kim Fry, and Margi Wright, along with Katherine and Joey Trumbull from SVST, and Chris and Jack Collins helped conduct the kids through the various stations. They definitely accomplished their goal of emphasizing to their eager and enthusiastic pupils the value of common sense and good judgement on the water. A thoroughly fun and drenching time was had by all!