Feb 5, 2013

Bartlett Community Preschool Gives Children a Smart Start with Swim Lessons at White Mountain Aquatic Center

Thanks to a collaboration with the White Mountain Aquatic Center (WMAC), the Bartlett Community Preschool has been providing Learn to Swim lessons as part of their programming since September 2012.

The Griffith Institute for Educational Research has published a  study, “Children Who Swim Start Smarter.”  The study suggests that children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm.

Thanks to a collaboration with the White Mountain Aquatic Center (WMAC), the Bartlett Community Preschool has been providing swim time and instruction since summer 2012. In the summer, classes were weekly and then monthly when the school year started. The students, many of whom had no experience in the water, have learned basic swimming and water safety skills. For some of the children, this weekly time in the pool has taught them to overcome their fear of water. The opportunity to learn to swim has also taught self confidence that will extend beyond the pool and has provided physical activity for the children.

The Bartlett Community Preschool instituted their Learn to Swim program in order to distinguish itself from other preschools in the area by providing a unique activity that many other schools do not offer. Parents are pleased that their children are getting water instruction. This regularly scheduled water instruction enhances other physical activities and teaches the children the importance of fitness and healthy bodies. The preschool has initiated a Healthy Body course of study in which they plant their own garden and learn about healthy foods. This new focus on exercise and fitness adds to their growing body of knowledge.

The Aquatic Center provides aquatic programming to develop students of all ages into confident, skilled and lifelong swimmers. By providing a facility and programs, the Center hopes to promote awareness and support for the safety, health and wellness of our community.

Learn to Swim classes endeavor to create positive experiences in the water, promote swimming as a lifelong activity, and instill student confidence in their swimming skills so they are more willing to try new things. Swimming is taught with positive engagement in specific skills drills and creative water play.

Swimming is a skill sport. To become a master swimmer takes a lot of time and practice. Every swimmer is unique and progresses at their own pace. The Center’s objective is to give students the best chance to become safe and confident swimmers by offering lots of practice, positive feedback and personalized reinforcement.

The development of swimming skills in the Learn to Swim program are usually done in a progressive manner but can be easily adapted to suit the age and/or ability level of the individual swimmers. Lessons emphasize proper buoyancy, balance, and breathing skills from the very beginning in a fun, nurturing atmosphere.

Get In The Swim with us. WMAC is home to the Saco Valley Swim Team (SVST). Other programs include: Open Swim, Family Swim, Water Aerobics, Aqua Zumba, Water Movement for Seniors, Adult Swim Lessons, Masters Workout Group, Aqua Circuit Training, Birthday Pool Parties and more.  

The White Mountain Aquatic Foundation, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that is dedicated to providing a multiple pool aquatic center in the Mt. Washington Valley that will deliver aquatic education, recreation, safety, competition, fitness and rehabilitative programs.
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