MEETS 2017-18

Veterans Day Nov.10 Fri. Colebrook   11:30 am Start

Winter Classic Dec. 9 Sat. Evergreen  12:30 pm Start

St Patrick's Day Swim Meet March 17, Saturday, Colebrook, 2:30 pm Start

April Fool’s Classic  April 7 Saturday,  Evergreen, 1:30 pm Start

GSSA Meets

Saturday June 16  UNH  Time TBD

Tuesday  July 24   UNH   Time TBD



Aaron Zakon


In a continuation of the unfolding story of Aaron’s progress, as USA swimmer, he attended two recent meets, one at the UNH and the other at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center (UVAC.) The meet at UVAC was part of New England’s Regional Championships, a meet with qualifying times.


At the UNH meet Aaron improved his times so that he qualified for six events at the Regional meet. Each of his four swims was a personal best time during which he set three Team Records and increased the number of events for the Regional meet. He had best times in the 100 free (1:24.32), 100 back (1:27.14), 50 breast (44.52) and 50 fly (38.04.) His back, breast and fly times were the Team Records.


The Regional meet was attended by over 400 athletes and included boys and girls of ages 8 through 18. This two day meet is the culmination of the short course (25-yard) fall/winter season. At the meet Aaron swam six events leading to five improved times, three Team Records and two award winning swims in the 50 and 100 breast where his times were 42.21 and 1:32.79, respectively.


Aaron’s improving times are attributed to his consistently high level of effort at the many practices he attends. His older fellow swimmers are an inspiration to him. His willingness to learn and experiment allows him to make rapid progress in his sport. The coaching staff is pleased with his progress and look for further best times.

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We were fortunate to have guest coach Sam LaRiviere join us for two nights. Sam reached out to the WMAC as part of his doctorate work in physical therapy. He is currently doing an internship at Mountain Center Physical Therapy here in Glen.

We will held swim clinics the nights of February 2 and 8, at the Center. The first night started with dry-land exercises and swim drills and progressed to regular swims. The second night built on the first night and provide more drills and reinforcement of what was provided on the first night, February 2nd.

                    King/Queen of the Mountain

Who is SVST's strongest swimmer at 800 yards??

             Joey Trumbull  11:19.78

       Ella Baptista  11:28.57  <--12:05.50     Jimmy Mc Carthy  11:31.76  <-- 13:01.35

             Aaron Zakon   12:07.38

             Michael Trumbull  17:11.27   <--17:45.38