Letters of Support

We are fortunate to have many people who support us and believe in our mission. Please read below. If you would like to submit your own letter of endorsement for this project, please email it to us as the address below or you may send it via regular mail. Either way, we would be honored to add your name to our growing list of enthusiastic supporters.

March 2010: The Fryeburg Business Association writes to express their support for the White Mountain Aquatic Center. You can read their letter here.

Check out the letters from New Hampshire Senators Judd Gregg and Jeanne Shaheen recognizing Maury's achievement on behalf of the White Mountain Aquatic Foundation.

Karen shares in the dream...

"I am writing in support of the aquatic center proposed by the White Mountain Aquatic Foundation...I currently teach a water fitness class in a facility in Tamworth. Our class is frequently impacted by water temperature that is too chilly to be beneficial. We have all dreamed of having access to a pool designed to meet our collective as well as our individual needs, physical, therapeutic, and restorative."

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Margaret relates her enthusiasm for swimming...

"One of the few things that I don't like about living in Western Maine is that I have no access to an Olympic size swimming pool...I love to swim... I love being in the water...I am thrilled to be able to write this letter in support of the White Mountain Aquatic Center. An aquatic center in our area would be an enormous asset to the community, and a benefit to people of all ages.

Read the remainder of Margaret's letter here.

Betsy Donovan, President of Mountain Center Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, writes...

"It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of the White Mountain Aquatic Foundation's plan to build an extensive aquatic center in the Mount Washington Valley.

This fabulous idea, when brought to fruition will, no doubt, be extremely successful and bring joy, fitness, wellness and even rehabilitation to the people who participate in what this facility has to offer. Additionally, there will be many job opportunities for those certified in such things as life saving, swimming instruction, and child care, to name a few. Also there will be maintenance, front desk and support staff employment opportunities.

The residents of this valley certainly need a multi-use, multi-purpose center such as this to realize the life enhancement benefits of being in or near water..."

Read more from Betsy here.

Lorraine Tilney from Jackson tells us...

"Last April, I shattered my tibial plateau biking and required surgery, a plate and 8 screws. As there is no aquatic rehab facility in the valley, my rehab was seriously compromised and prolonged. When the weather finally warmed, I joined my women's triathlon group at a lake to swim three mornings a week. With the support of these women, I was able to go from the car to the water with a walker (I was non-weight bearing at that point), then I would painfully walk in the water with the walker until I could lean back into someone's arms and swim. You can't believe the exhilaration and freedom I felt...The Mt Washington Valley unequivocally needs an aquatic center."

To read the remainder of Lorraine's letter click here.

Dorothy Schiessl from Kearsarge relates...

"Because I enjoyed the activity and for the safety of my children, and for their safety as adults, I made certain that each of them learned to swim...I have observed a coach assist his/her physically disabled swimmer to the blocks and stay at their side until the start. I have watched developmentally disabled children and young adults receive applause as they touch the wall at the finish. Though personally biased, I am convinced that the sport of swimming has benefits that no other youth or adult sport provides.

More from Dorothy...As a senior citizen, I now find myself in a position where I can no longer continue my favorite work-out program. What will I turn to that I learned to do sixty years ago? I'll swim for good health. The concept of an indoor swimming facility in this great valley is a no brainer. So get on the blocks and dive in. We have everything to gain..."

Hear more from Dorothy here.

Sue Thurston, Athletic Director of Fryeburg Academy writes. . .

The idea of having an aquatics center is thrilling in many ways!!...An aquatics center would allow people of all ages the opportunity to learn to swim and dive in a safe manner! It's one of the few forms of exercises that all people, of all ages can take part in!

Read the rest of Sue's letter here.

Kerry Brady, Athletic Director for the Kennett Middle and High Schools, informs us...

"Last fall we met with a group that is interested in raising funds to build an aquatic facility here in the Mount Washington Valley. As Physical Education teachers we would be very happy to see such a facility. The opportunities that would arise for our students if an aquatic facility was available would be endless...We as the Physical Education department are very excited about the advantages that this facility would provide to our students."

You can find the rest of Kerry's letter here.

Kathleen Frenette of North Conway states...

"I wish to enlist your support for the White Mountain Aquatic Foundation. Northern New Hampshire presents many magnificent natural recreation areas including pristine lakes for swimming during our short summer season. However Olympic size lap pools do not exist in this geographical northern half of the state...Please support the efforts for funding the White Mountain Aquatic Foundation, which will improve the health of our citizens as well as facilitate individuals reaching their personal goals."

Click here to read more from Kathleen.

Earl Sires, Conway Town Manager, notes...

"Since there are no similar facilities within the region, an aquatic center would provide a unique and attractive amenity for our valley communities. The prospect of an aquatic center is exciting and I believe it would truly be an asset for residents and visitors alike."

See more from Earl here.

Karen Carr of Intervale proclaims...

"It is with great enthusiasm that we write this letter in support of your mission to build a World Class Aquatic Center in the Mt. Washington Valley...First and foremost, we strongly believe swimming to be an invaluable life skill. Furthermore, swimming is great exercise in and of itself as well as a terrific way to cross train whereby enhancing one's overall athletic ability. More than simply mastering the various strokes, competitive swimming helps develop personal character by building self-esteem, co-operation, team work, and leadership...Our sincerest desire is to see your foundation succeed in building a first rate Aquatic Center for all of those who live in and visit the Mt. Washington Valley to enjoy."

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The Butterfield family of North Conway affirms...

"We enthusiastically support the White Mountain Aquatic Foundation's fund raising efforts to establish a year-round swimming facility...We believe that a modern aquatic center would encourage individuals and families to participate in an exercise-oriented, fun-filled environment that would promote a healthy lifestyle as well as developing new skills for our young swimmers and maintaining heart and lung function for the elderly...The Mount Washington Valley is a unique place and the development of the White Mountain Aquatic Center can only enhance our reputation as a year-round destination and a wonderful place to live."

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