Swim Pool Enviroment

The White Mountain Aquatic Center aims to provide the best swimming pool environment possible. We take the water and air quality of our facility very seriously. In order to perform our quality control we welcome feedback from our members. Food and drinks are NOT ALLOWED except for reserved private parties. Live security cameras ensure the pool is running as efficiently as possible when staff is not present. Pool is closed at 9pm.


Air Quality

We have a Dectron Dehumidifier/Heating/Cooling system that is on at all times. For that reason, we ask that you do not open the windows or leave the doors open. This system works by creating a small negative pressure in the building and pushes air to the outside removing fumes. It is also tied into our water heating system and is set to aproximately 2 degrees over the water temperature to keep evaporation to a minimum. We hope that when you enter the building you note the lack of chemical odors that you may be accustomed to in other facilities. 



Water Quality

In order to maintain proper chemical balance in our water we must both have regularly scheduled maintenance and daily periodic testing. We never add chemicals to the water either right before or during our programs. Generally, we do our regular water maintenance when the pool closes for the evening. There is NO ADMITTANCE to the facility after 9pm. However, we do test the water several times during the day. You might see us performing that task while in the water. This is critical for us to note the chemical levels. We test for Ph level, Bromine level, alkilinity, minerals and water hardness. All these levels must be maintained within normal ranges to keep the pool clear and clean. Water temperature is maintained at 83 degrees. This is warm enough for our younger and older members, while not being too warm for our competitive and fitness swimmers.